Urology Nurses of Canada

Funding & Awards - Program

Each year the Urology Nurses of Canada invite their membership to apply for the following awards categories:

Each of these awards is valued at $750.00 and is presented at the annual Urological Excellence Conference. They have been provided by the generous support of our Industry sponsors.

There are currently two other categories members can apply for:

All applications must be sent electronically to:

Funding and Awards - Program

Applicants for these 2 awards will be contacted upon receipt of application.

UNC offers two additional awards:

The Urology Nurses of Canada is committed to developing, disseminating and implementing new knowledge in practice. We achieve excellence in clinical practice by encouraging and supporting our membership in their participation in research, knowledge acquisition and academic achievement.

The Urology Nurses of Canada would like to thank their generous sponsors:

Astellas Pharma
Pfizer Canada

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