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Please contact Gina Porter (gina.porter@rogers.com) for information if you wish to participate as a UNC Member on the Review Board.


  1. To expedite response to request for UNC review for product evaluation, product endorsement, trial implementation or production of education material.
  2. To provide quality.
  3. To maintain control and focus on projects taken on by UNC.
  4. To promote awareness of UNC.

Criteria for Acceptance

All projects taken on must meet one or more of the following criteria to be instituted.

  1. Financial Support.
  2. Educational benefit for patient or members.
  3. Promotion of new product that will benefit members/patients.
  4. Publication value.
  5. Organizational or leadership experience.
  6. Membership promotion.

Structure of Review Board

  • Chairman of each review will be appointed from one of the following areas: research, education, administration, and patient care.
  • Board will be compromised of a minimum of 4 members (2 executive members and 2 non- executive members) with expertise in the area being evaluated.
  • Review board chairman will present decision of the review to the National executive whether approved or not. Executive will endorse for final approval.

The Urology Nurses of Canada would like to thank their generous sponsors:

Astellas Pharma
Pfizer Canada

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